Thursday, September 16, 2010

L Tryptophan

Earlier this summer when Total Amino Solution (TAS) started disagreeing with me I wrote about the return of my protracted withdrawal symptoms, and the things that weren't really working for me, but I never came back to say what did work for me.  The answer is pure L tryptophan.

Tryptophan is one of the ingredients in TAS, but on it's own it doesn't bother me the way TAS does.  I also find that I need much less tryptophan.  One 500 mg capsule of Tryptopure tryptophan (I get mine from Life Extension) is enough to significantly reduce my protracted withdrawal symptoms.  It is an amino acid, so I think it does have the same blood cleaning property that TAS or protein powder have.  I also notice that if the protracted withdrawal symptoms are lowering my mood, the tryptophan quickly makes me feel better.

Tryptophan is prescribed as an antidepressant in Europe, and that is how I first used it as well, before I found Empowerplus.  I am not sure how well it was working for that purpose, but I was able to replace the Celexa I was taking with tryptophan.  I was still taking other meds though, Risperdal and Wellbutrin, and the tryptophan was not enough to get me off those as well. 

If I take tryptophan during the day I am sleepier that night, and still groggy the next morning, but it is worth it to be rid of the protracted withdrawal symptoms.  I also find that if I take more than 2 in 48 hours I tend to get a migraine, so I am only using it if really necessary.

In any case it is much more helpful than the bentonite clay or the charcoal, so that is good to know.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


A problem that I've had ever since my Bipolar II diagnosis is figuring out whether I am hypomanic or just happy.  Most of the times (and they were few and far between) that I thought I was happy in retrospect I realized that I was actually hypomanic.  I am glad to report that has changed.  I have an amazing sense of overall well-being and happiness now that I have not felt for a long, long time.

I used to think that the most I could hope for was peace.  Not too happy, not too sad, just quietly in the middle.  I think a lot of bipolar people think that is the ideal frame of mind.  I don't think it is.  I believe we were born happy, we intended to be happy, and we all can find our way back there.

The happiness I am feeling now is different than hypomania.  My hypomanias had a compulsive nature to them.  I would be obsessed with a project and steamroll anything in my way.  It was a very "doing" state of mind.  My happiness now has more of a "being" quality.  I feel good, but I am not compelled to do things, I can relax and enjoy my surroundings and the things I am doing.  I have a tremendous sense of connection and well-being.  I see things in a positive light and I expect good things.  It is awesome.