Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Bump in the Road

Well, a lot has been going on but it was hard to figure out causes and effects so I've waited until now to post an update.  I've been to the doctor twice and the emergency room once, and no one could really figure out what was happening.

It started with having difficulty swallowing.  I thought it was the return of the hyper-allergic state I was in last December, which led me to the emergency room thinking I was having a severe allergic reaction two weeks ago.  It wasn't though, and everybody's best guess was that it was probably a combination of my thyroid on overdrive and a bad reaction to the freezing at the dentist.

As a result I went off all my supplements again as well as my Synthroid.  After about 10 days I am now up to full doses again of my supplements, including Empowerplus.  I have stopped the Synthroid completely however.  I don't think I need it any more, but my doctor and I will monitor my blood levels for a while to see how it shakes out.

I also have stopped taking Total Amino Solution.  That seems to be the main thing that was giving me the allergic-type reaction.  I think this is similar to the problems I was having with the protein powder in the late fall.  They are similar products, after all.

What is amazing is that even though I have stopped the Total Amino Solution, I have not had any return of protracted withdrawal symptoms!  I think I am well and truly clear of it now, which feels great.

In any case, things seems to be back to normal.  And normal these days is pretty darn good, but I will put that in a separate post.