Monday, June 7, 2010

Motivation Returns!

I have to say, my life is pretty awesome right now.  Things are falling into place.  Even when I consider where I was in the last post 3 weeks ago, the change is pretty remarkable.

I have started doing my crafts again!  You may recall that last year at this time I didn't know if I would ever want to make something again.  I started a couple of weeks ago with some hand sewing, and I've slowly been building that up and adding in other crafts so I am busy for several hours each day.

Today was the most surprising day so far, however.  I was looking for a specific top I want online, and I couldn't find anything.  I realized that some tops I already have could be altered to meet my requirements, so I actually cleared off my table, got out the (dusty) sewing machine, planned and executed the alterations (which looked great by the way), and started work on another outfit I've been planning to fix for at least 3 years.

I am NOT hypomanic.  However, I have had some coffee today.  Yes, coffee!  I have been drinking a bit of coffee for the past few days now without any problems.  It definitely gets me moving.

So there are further changes in what is and isn't giving me protracted withdrawal symptoms now.  Coffee finally seems ok in small amounts.  Moderate exercise is ok.  The heat is not bothering me much at all this year.  Direct sun, however, is a problem.  I got stuck in traffic on the way to the dentist last week, about a half hour with the sun beating through the windshield.  I have good air conditioning, but my arms actually got a little burned, and by the time I got to the dentist I had some protracted withdrawal dizziness and nausea.  That was NOT a fun visit.  Usually I don't mind the dentist but that one was tough.

Another awesome thing is that everyone keeps remarking on how much brighter I look now.  Even people who don't know I got off the drugs notice a difference.

But today's accomplishment with the sewing was a real milestone.  I don't think I've successfully sewed anything in over ten years since I first got sick.  I didn't hem and haw and waffle, I just had the idea and did it.  When I was younger I made some of my own clothes.  Who knows what I may be able to do now!