Monday, August 16, 2010

Tweaking the Program

Well, I've been meaning to update you long before this, but frankly, I haven't been doing that great and I'm not sure why.  I can say that while Empowerplus has been great for my mood, it hasn't been a universal fix for all my issues.  I suppose that was unrealistic to hope for.

It's been a tough summer.  It's been unrelentingly hot and humid here, and I've been indoors 99% of the time.  We did go up north for a few days, where it was cool, and that was great, so it's likely that the heat is a large part of my trouble.  Earlier in the summer it did feel like protracted withdrawal, but it doesn't any more.  This seems to be a bumper year for hayfever, which has been surprisingly bad, I've had a cold, a weird stomach bug, and I probably have to get my thyroid tested soon, so things are just off.

I've been doing a trial of Evening Primrose Oil to help with my migraines.  It definitely hasn't helped with them, and I'm not sure if it's been making things worse in general.  With so much going on though, it's hard to say for certain.  I'm giving it up for now, though.

I'm also down to 9 to 11 Empowerplus capsules per day, from the 15 that I took through the first year.  The lower dose just seems to be working better for me now.

I'm not as bad off as last summer.  I've been doing some crafts pretty much every day.  My sociability continues to be much improved.  My mood is a little flat, it's hard to be positive when you're feeling sick all the time, but I'm far from depressed.  I was thinking this morning, I'm 90% of what I want to be, so hopefully that last 10% is just tweaking the program from here.

I can't wait for fall!  9 months of cool weather!