Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life is Awesome

Well, I guess I'm not ready to give up on blogging just yet, lol.  Looking over the Truehope message board, it occured to me that people write about their problems, problems, problems, and then they get better and you never hear from them again.  I thought it might be helpful to keep track of the successes too.  I know sometimes it is irritating to see people doing well when you are feeling poorly, but maybe it will give some readers hope as well.  And maybe a realistic idea of what normal looks like.

I am feeling really good today.  Since last spring when I started being more active I have had muscle pain in some body part pretty much every day.  It has been irritating me, because it seemed like evidence of what poor condition my body is in.  Today, with yet another new sore muscle, I realized that really it is evidence that my body is waking up.  This thought feels so much better!  Now suddenly I am welcoming each new ache as a new body part comes back online.  Excellent!

I am also feeling good because I really seem to be hitting my stride with productivity in my crafts.  At the new year I made a small plan/goal to do hand sewing in the morning, machine sewing in the afternoon, and knitting in the evening.  I was finding that if I spend more than an hour or so on the internet, and more than 2 hours watching tv, I feel off when I go to bed.  I feel frustrated, like my day was wasted.  Most days I feel pretty good if I manage 2 out of the 3, but the past couple of days I have been 3 for 3, and it makes a big difference.  I also find that the later in the day that I turn on the computer, the better my day goes, lol.

Ok, time to switch off, now.  Things to do!