Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feeling Ratty

Certainly I hoped that it would be all good news from here on in, but for over two weeks now I've been in a funk that I just can't seem to shake. 

What's going on?  Well, it started with regular PMS, and somehow things have gotten out of balance.  It may be that I haven't been eating properly.  It felt like I was fighting a cold at one point too.  For a few days my appetite was way down, so I wasn't able to take all my Empowerplus each day.

Now it seems really hard to get back on track.  The biggest issue is my motivation, which seems to have evaporated.  The past day or so it's been a little better, but for over a week now all I've been doing is watching tv.  Not a good sign.  When I do manage to start a little sewing or something, it's not holding my interest.  Also not a good sign.

For a couple of days there I even was having some vague unspecified anxiety, but thankfully that seems to have cleared up now.  I did have the feeling that I turned the corner yesterday, but today has not gone as well as I hoped.

The problem with my low appetite is that if I don't take my Empowerplus with a full meal I get quite nauseous, even after all this time on it.  But, fortunately, I have discovered that if I take just one at a time, at one to two hour intervals, I can avoid the nausea even with very little food.  So I have been doing that and I think it is helping.

I also have been experimenting with some higher tyramine foods.  You may recall that I started a low tyramine diet back in the fall.  A few weeks ago I was getting really bored with the same food all the time, and I guess I was feeling cocky.  I don't know what drives us to always test our limits.  The result has been that now I don't know what foods are ok and what foods are bad, because it doesn't seem as clear cut as it did last fall.  So that is stressful too, when you are afraid to eat and afraid not to eat.

The solution will be to pare it right down again.  To embrace boring.  I'm hoping in a week or so I'll be back to report that things have normalized again.  But right now it's pretty annoying.