Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting Back to Normal

Today I am cautiously optimistic.  Even though my back was slow to heal, April was a pretty good month.  I managed a two day sewing class, I did some major spring cleaning, things are looking good.  I am even managing one cup of coffee a day!

I have had a few days of protracted withdrawal symptoms, with all this physical work, and also still with PMS.  My biggest protracted withdrawal symptom has been fatigue, where I have been dragging all day, and sleeping a couple of extra hours at night, with those good old colourful Risperdal dreams.  The drug-induced dreams really have an entirely different character than my usual dreams.  They are much clearer and really interesting, almost compelling.  But I hate sleeping in now, and being groggy in the morning.  I also notice that when the drug is active in my bloodstream my decision-making ability goes out the window.  People will ask me a simple question and I just dither, which fortunately is NOT the norm for me any more.  But you know, it's just a few days a month now.

I have big plans for May, starting with cooking a family dinner for Mother's Day this weekend.  This will be the first time in a very long time that I have made the whole kit and kaboodle entirely by myself!  I used to enjoy cooking and entertaining, so this is another milestone in my recovery.

Plus, I am planning some redecorating this month.  I've had new fabric for curtains stored away in the basement for at least 3 years now.  This is the month they get done!  Check with me in June to see if I managed it!  I also want to move around some furniture and rethink some of my storage.

I want to get the heavy lifting done this month, because I know that once the hot weather sets in I won't have the energy.  It will be nice to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour!