Saturday, July 4, 2009

Managing Expectations

Another wretched day today, followed by a good-feeling evening and positively hypomanic twinkle in my eye tonight. It is quite a roller coaster to be on. My phosphatidyl choline will arrive from it's cross country journey on Wednesday. It is quite ridiculous the way Truehope ships their packages -- from Salt Lake City west to the coast where they cross the border, then in a truck all the way back east across Canada to where I live.

I signed up for a course, Jeanette Maw's Money Mojo Magic, to improve my relationship with money, and the first exercise made me realize that I haven't been managing my expectations very well here. I started out looking for some profound changes in my mental health, but really that's been lost as I've been hunkered down going through this withdrawal. All I've had recently was a thin hope that my blood sugar would improve after I get these drugs out of my system.

So let's be clear about what I'm expecting in the long run here. I expect total mental health, enthusiasm and optimism about life, and lots of energy. I expect physical health, with the motivation to take care of myself properly. I expect to be a contributing member of society, with some kind of work I love. I expect a mind that runs clear and deep.

That sets the course properly.