Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh no! No more coffee!?!

One of the limiting factors that can reduce the effectiveness of Truehope's Empowerplus supplements is caffeine. There are lots of limiting factors, and I have a lot of them, so it was kind of hard to take them seriously. So even though I knew coffee was sort of a no no, I went ahead with my 3 cups a day anyway. And that worked fine, up until yesterday. I started yesterday with the Total Amino Solutions, to keep control of that hunger and my mood, and I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but when I had my first cup of coffee that afternoon I soon started to feel strung out. I was hot and cold at the same time, sort of clammy. My usual pattern is to have a cup of coffee if I am feeling unwell, so I had another cup. Things got even worse. It was clear that the coffee was not the right thing anymore.

So today I have not had any coffee, and I'm feeling it. I guess I have to go to the store and try to find some herbal tea. I've been reading about people giving up coffee, and I think for me the main thing is the ritual of making and drinking a nice hot drink, rather than the taste so much, or the caffeine. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

The worst thing is that I still have this hot and cold feeling -- it's summer and my feet are freezing while the rest of me is sticky. My feet have been cold for days now, very unusual for me, it must be another side effect of the withdrawal.

My mood is more volatile as well, although mainly it is disturbing me rather than those around me. I really value my peace of mind, so it is annoying to be getting angry over small slights. I seem to be in a more reasonable frame of mind now, though, so hopefully that will continue.

Actually, I wonder if there is some cinnamon tea still in the house? It seems like a sorry compromise, but maybe I will like it!