Monday, June 15, 2009

Symptoms Evaluation

It's a lot of responsibility, having a blog. I keep starting and stopping today, trying different titles, looking for inspiration I guess. It really makes you evaluate your thinking.

For instance, in a previous version I was all set to tell you how I skip right over the "symptoms" part of the Truehope Symptom Evaluation Form, which I have been doing. I looked up the form to give you examples of symptoms that I don't have. But today, in all conscience, I can't really say that I have zero symptoms. I rescheduled an appointment to take my car in for service -- so there's "avoiding people." I've started this blog post several times today -- there's "hard to concentrate or decide." I think I can lay claim to "loss of energy" and "loss of interest in hobbies and activities" too.

But at the same time, I woke up feeling that lighter feeling again today. I'm not unhappy. In fact, if I didn't have things to do I never would have noticed that I have symptoms at all. There's the rub, as they say. If only we didn't have things to do.