Friday, June 19, 2009

Symptoms Increasing

Yesterday I was a little hypomanic. I snapped at my mother on two separate occasions, just way overreacting to what she was doing, which is very unlike me normally. It was weird to be so out of control, for the first time in a long time. And then, the confirmation, I didn't sleep for hours last night. No racing thoughts or anything, just wide awake. But it looks like it's over now.

Today's problem has been more of that hunger. I was ravenous all afternoon. I spoke to Truehope support again today about the hypomania, and they recommended that I start the Total Amino Solution (TAS) supplements that I've had sitting around here since the beginning. After eating everything in sight it finally occurred to me that the TAS might help with the hunger, if it is indeed a symptom of withdrawal. I took two, and now, 3 hours later the hunger seems under control. This is good news indeed, because I understand I can take quite a lot of TAS without side effects, so hopefully I will not be plagued by this hunger any more.

It has really made me see, however, how strong that hunger side effect is. No wonder I gained all that weight! It has all become clear today. I had thought a large part of the weight gain was due to the depression, but now I can really see that it's the drugs that did it. Wow. They should warn people.